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The University of Lincoln’s online reading lists now show the live, real-time availability of books in the Library. If you go to an online reading list (here’s an example) and click on one of the books, you’ll see the “Library availability” information on the right-hand side of the page. This is taken directly from our library catalogue and is up to date – you can click through to the library catalogue itself if you want to see more detailed information.

Screenshot of an item on a reading list

At the moment, almost 130 modules at the University of Lincoln have online lists available through the “Reading List” button on a Blackboard module site menu.

Screenshot from Blackboard

(Other modules should have lists in Word/PDF documents, also available through Blackboard: please contact your lecturer(s) for information. The Library is introducing a new online reading list system for the University of Lincoln, using Talis Aspire software. You can find out more by visiting:

Our new Library website is now finally live at:

Screenshot of the new Library website - home page

(Or works just as well.)

This is the Library’s new ‘home’ on the web, and the place where we’ll link to all of our other new services. From now on, we’ll start referring all students and staff to the new website and not to the Portal for information about the Library and our services. Information on the Portal will be gradually phased out of existence. Initially we’ll replace the content on the Portal with links to the new website, before eventually removing the Portal sites entirely. The whole Portal (University-wide) is due to be replaced byc.2014.

We’ll continue to use Blackboard to offer specific, teaching-and-learning-focused Library services to students and staff.

Because of this change, our library catalogue has been relegated to a new web address: – automatic redirects are in place for existing links to catalogue records from Blackboard, etc. There’s also a prominent image displaying a link to the catalogue, on the new website home page.

The new site runs on the University of Lincoln’s WordPress ‘blogging’ platform, which is useful for far more than just blogging. Many thanks to all the people in the Library and ICT services who have worked so hard in putting the new site together, in particular: Adele Beeken, Andrew Beeken, Alex Bilbie, Debbie Clarvis, and Simon Tompkins.

We intend that this site will be subject to constant development and improvement, and we need to hear all of your comments about the design and/or content – please use the feedback form in the bottom-right of the new website.

41 electronic journals from Cambridge University Press/Cambridge Journals Online are now available though the A-to-Z website.

Here’s a list of the titles:

  1. Ageing and Society (eissn:1469-1779)
  2. American Political Science Review (eissn:1537-5943)
  3. arq: Architectural Research Quarterly (eissn:1474-0516)
  4. Behavioral and Brain Sciences (eissn:1469-1825)
  5. Breast Cancer Online (eissn:1470-9031)
  6. British Journal of Nutrition (eissn:1475-2662)
  7. British Journal of Political Science (eissn:1469-2112)
  8. Cambridge Law Journal (eissn:1469-2139)
  9. Central European History (eissn:1569-1616)
  10. Comparative Exercise Physiology (CUP) (eissn:1755-2559)
  11. Contemporary European History (eissn:1469-2171)
  12. English Profile Journal (eissn:2041-5362)
  13. English Today (eissn:1474-0567)
  14. Equine and Comparative Exercise Physiology (eissn:1479-070X)
  15. Historical Journal (eissn:1469-5103)
  16. International Labor and Working Class History (eissn:1471-6445)
  17. International Review of Social History (eissn:1469-512X)
  18. Journal of Agricultural Science (eissn:1469-5146)
  19. Journal of American Studies (eissn:1469-5154)
  20. Journal of Child Language (eissn:1469-7602)
  21. Journal of Dairy Research (eissn:1469-7629)
  22. Journal of Economic History (eissn:1471-6372)
  23. Journal of Functional Programming (eissn:1469-7653)
  24. Journal of Public Policy (eissn:1469-7815)
  25. Journal of social policy (eissn:1469-7823)
  26. Language in Society (eissn:1469-8013)
  27. Microscopy and microanalysis (eissn:1435-8115)
  28. New Theatre Quarterly (eissn:1474-0613)
  29. Organised Sound (eissn:1469-8153)
  30. Perspectives on Politics (eissn:1541-0986)
  31. Proceedings Section A: Mathematics – Royal Society of Edinburgh (eissn:1473-7124)
  32. PS: Political Science & Politics (eissn:1537-5935)
  33. Psychological Medicine Monograph Supplement (eissn:0264-1801)
  34. Review of International Studies (eissn:1469-9044)
  35. Rural History (eissn:1474-0656)
  36. Social Policy and Society (eissn:1475-3073)
  37. The China Quarterly (eissn:1468-2648)
  38. Theatre Research International (eissn:1474-0672)
  39. Theatre Survey (eissn:1475-4533)
  40. Urban History (eissn:1469-8706)
  41. World Politics (eissn:1086-3338)

The journals are hosted on the Cambridge Journals Online platform. To access them from the A-to-Z, you’ll need to log in using your University of Lincoln Blackboard login details.

Screenshot of the Blackboard login page